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The Textiles Working Group focuses on the preservation and conservation of objects made from all kinds of textile fibres, whether organic or inorganic, natural or man made. They can be as varied as 16th century tapestries in wool and silk with metal threads, 18th century silk bedcovers with embroidery, archeological textiles in wool or linen, religious vestments, costumes, or wall coverings. Modern and contemporary textiles, as well as scientific research into the properties of textiles and the materials used to conserve them, are among the interests of the Working Group.


Coordinator of the Working Group

Sarah Benson

The National Museum Sweden  
Stockholm, SWEDEN 

Sarah Benson

Assistant Coordinators

Bronwyn Cosgrove

Australian Performing Arts Collection, Arts Centre Melbourne 
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA

Ali Nasir

National Museum Institute
New Delhi, INDIA

Sarah Scaturro

Cleveland Museum of Art
Cleveland, USA

Deepshikha Kalsi

Textile Conservation Studio
New Delhi, INDIA

Elena Mukher

Moscow Kremlin Museum
Moscow, RUSSIA


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