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Glass and Ceramics
Glass and Ceramics

Glass and Ceramics

The Working Group Glass and Ceramics deals with the technology, deterioration, conservation, and restoration of glass and ceramic archaeological, utilitarian, decorative and artistic artifacts and objects. Faience and enamels are included in the materials. To promote conservation, the working group forms networks of experts, including conservators, conservation scientists, and curators. It disseminates information on current conservation research, practice, and education by electronic communication, meetings, and specialty groups (GLASS DETERIORATION, HISTORY).



Coordinator of the Working Group

Polytimi Loukopoulou

Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Byzantine and Christian Museum
Athens, GREECE

Polytimi Loukopoulou

Assistant Coordinators

Monica Ganio

Getty Conservation Institute
Los Angeles California, USA

Konstantina Tsatsouli

Modern Monuments and Technical Works Service of Thessaly and Central Stereas Ellados / Greek Ministry of Culture

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