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Photographic Materials
Photographic Materials

Photographic Materials

Photographic Materials is the ICOM-CC Working Group concerned with the conservation of photographic images, both positive and negative, including cinematographic material. The aim of the photographic materials working group is to gather and disseminate information from around the world on photograph conservation. We actively encourage you to contribute content to the ICOM-CC website and the working group Newsletter. The coordinator and assistant coordinators are active in communicating and linking with other conservation professionals throughout the world to encourage the preservation of photographic materials. We are keen to initiate and facilitate discussions regarding course content for international educational programs and student research projects to and for our Working Group members.



Coordinator of the Working Group

Richard Mulholland

Northumbria University
Burt Hall 201,
City Campus,
Newcastle upon Tyne NE18ST

Assistant Coordinators

Flavia Parisi

Fondazione Scuola Beni Attività Culturali

Janka Krizanova

Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Bratislava, SLOVAKIA

Rahul Sharma

Getty Research Institute
Los Angeles, California, USA

Rosina Herrera Garrido

Valencia, SPAIN

Natália Vieira Serrano

Oswaldo Cruz Foundation
Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL


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