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Photos and videos relating to ICOM-CC.

Working Group Coordinators 2020-23

Ana Lagana
Stephanie Auffret
Ida Hovmand
Catherine Smith
Hélia Marçal
Ana Bülow
Terry Little
Paul Mardikian
Lauren Fair
Diana Dias Cañas
Andrea Pataki-Hundt
Tanushree Gupta
Anil Diwedi
Laurianne Robinet
Emma Hocker
Ana Bidarra
Doris Oltrogge
Sarah Benson
Lynn Lee

ICOM-CC Directory Board 2020-23

Kate Seymour
Stephanie De Roemer
Nora W. Kennedy
Emily Williams
Reiko Sakaki
Qinglin Ma
Deborah Lee Trupin

In Memoriam

Francoise Flieder
Robert Feller
Robert Organ
Puccio Speroni
Colin Pearson
Paolo Cadorin
Paul Philippot