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Coordinators 2023-2026

Davison Chiwara Nat History
Polytimi Loukopoulou Glass Ceramics
David Cohen Preventive
Sue Ann Chui Paintings
Richard Mulholland Photo
Ida Hovmand Wet Organic
Ayesha Fuentes Theory, History Ethics
Mohamed Moustafa wood, Furniture, Lacquer
Yong Lei Scientific
Tanushree Gupta Education
Nicola Emmerson Metals
Deepakshi Sharma Sculpture, Polychromy, Arch Dec
Sabine Cotte Objects
Aditi Nagar Documentation
Claire Betelu Art Tech Source Research
Anna Lagana Modern Mats
Sarah Benson Textiles
Francis Lukezic Archaeology Mats
Rosie Bolton Leather
Andrea Pataki Hundt Graphic Docs
Leslie Rainer Murals, Stone, Rock