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Benefits of becoming an ICOM-CC member


After becoming an ICOM member, you can join the Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC), one of ICOM’s 30 International Committees, and take part in one of the largest international networks of conservation professionals, which aims to promote the investigation, analysis and conservation of culturally and historically significant works of our cultural past and to further the goals of the conservation profession.

In addition to the benefits for ICOM members, ICOM-CC members are also entitled to:

  • The ICOM-CC e-zine On Board.
  • Participation in Working Group(s) including subscription to Working Group Newsletters.
  • Reduced registration fees at the ICOM-CC Triennial Conferences and Interim Meetings of Working Groups.
  • Priority to have papers/posters accepted at the ICOM-CC Triennial Conferences (in case of papers/poster of equal merits).
  • Voting rights for matters such as the election of the Directory Board members and Working Group Coordinators.
  • Eligibility to stand for office within the ICOM-CC structure as a Directory Board member or Working Group Coordinator.

ICOM members who have chosen another International Committee to vote in but also want to be part of ICOM-CC are entitled to the above benefits, except the last two.

Becoming a Friend or Student-Friend of ICOM-CC

Individuals who would like to take part in ICOM-CC activities and initiatives while they are going through the application process for ICOM membership can participate in ICOM-CC by becoming a Friend or a Student-Friend of ICOM-CC.
Friends are not ICOM members, but benefit from the above-mentioned benefits for ICOM-CC members, except the last two. They are not entitled to any of the benefits provided by ICOM to ICOM members.
The Friend and Student-Friend category participation is limited to one calendar year, with the goal of becoming a full ICOM and ICOM-CC member.

Become a friend of ICOM-CC