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Murals, Stone, and Rock Art
Murals, Stone, and Rock Art

Murals, Stone, and Rock Art

The Murals, Stone, and Rock Art Working Group aims to promote conservation of wall paintings, stone, rock art, and mosaics and to consider their survival in their original locations. The materials covered by this group have common physical attributes of being both porous and brittle with the substrate often influencing the state of preservation more than the surface pictorial or patination layer. The Working Group supports and encourages research and practical approaches to preserving Murals, Stone objects, and Rock Art and in maintaining their context and connection to their people.



Coordinator of the Working Group

Leslie Rainer

Getty Conservation Institute
1200 Getty Center Drive, suite 700
Los Angeles California, USA

Assistant Coordinators

Abdullahi Abdulkadir

National Commission for Museums and Monuments Nigeria

Chiara Pasian

University of Gothenburg
Gothenburg, SWEDEN

Valerie Magar


Joshua Hill

Nottingham Trent University

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