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Education and Training in Conservation
Education and Training in Conservation

Education and Training in Conservation

The Working Group for Education and Training represents those interested in and/or involved in education and training in conservation throughout the world. Our focus is on where, when, and how conservation is taught and learnt. As a consequence, we are involved in the following: formal degree programmes; continual professional development (CPD); workshops; outreach; conferences; pedagogy; internships; exchanges; research proposals and requests.



Coordinator of the Working Group

Tanushree Gupta

University of Applied Arts Vienna

Tanushree Gupta

Assistant Coordinator

Johanna Theile

Universidad de Chile
Santiago, CHILE

Madeline Hagerman

University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware, USA

Teresa Teves Reis

University of Évora

Bhasha Shah

Maharana of Mewar
Charitable Foundation
Udaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA

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