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ICOM-CC Annual Reports


ICOM’s annual subsidies to the thirty-one International Committees are based on three elements: a basic subsidy which is the same for all committees, a membership-based subsidy which corresponds to the number of members in the particular committee, and a performance subsidy. The last element is the subject of a review process by ICOM’s Strategic Allocation Review Commission (SAREC) based on the annual report submitted by the Chair and Treasurer of the International Committee at the beginning of the calendar year, reporting on the previous year’s activities and finances, as well as projections for the current year.

The annual reports of the International Committees are composed of a narrative activity report and a financial and budgetary report. Both are intended to describe activities implemented in the past year and those planned for the current or next year.

The annual reports are fundamental tools with several purposes:

  • To better communicate the committee’s work, specifically in ICOM’s upcoming annual report
  • To consolidate the ICs’ activities in ICOM’s financial statements in accordance with French law
  • To serve as a basis for ICOM to allocate its resources fairly and productively.

List of Annual Reports