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ICOM-CC Medal 2023

Nominations for the 2023 ICOM-CC Medal are closed.

See you in Valencia to celebrate the medal recipient(s)!


ICOM-CC Medal New Delhi 2008

In 1993, the ICOM-CC Directory Board initiated the striking of a special medal to be awarded to members who have played a vital role both within the organisation itself and in the field of conservation at large. The first three medals were awarded retroactively. Afterwards, the awards were conferred at plenary sessions of the Triennial Conference so that recipients would receive recognition of their work in the presence of their peers. In addition, the award ceremony introduces young professionals to the work of colleagues without whom the field would not have attained its current level of development.

ICOM-CC medal recipients

2020 - 19th Triennial Conference - Beijing
Catherine Antomarchi, Italy
Kathleen Dardes, Unites States of America
Jørgen Wadum, Denmark

2017 - 18th Triennial Conference - Copenhagen
Ian Macleod, Australia
Mikkel Scharff, Denmark
Thea van Oosten, The Netherlands

2014 - 17th Triennial Conference - Melbourne 
Colin Pearson, Australia

2011 - 16th Triennial Conference - Lisbon
Catheline Périer-D'Ieteren, Belgium

2008 - 15th Triennial Conference - New Delhi
Janet Bridgland, United States of America
Judith H. Hofenk de Graaff, The Netherlands

2005 - 14th Triennial Meeting - The Hague
Caroline Villers, United Kingdom (posthumous)
Robert Organ, United Kingdom
Alain Godonou, Benin

2002 - 13th Triennial Meeting - Rio de Janeiro
Ágnes Tímár-Balázsy, Hungary (posthumous)
Puccio Speroni, Denmark
Hans-Christoph von Imhoff, Switzerland

1999 - 12th Triennial Meeting - Lyon
Agnes Ballestrem, The Netherlands
Paolo and Laura Mora, Italy
Gaël de Guichen, Italy

1996 - 11th Triennial Meeting - Edinburgh
Paul Philippot, Belgium
Françoise Flieder, France
Harold Plenderleith, United Kingdom

1993 - 10th Triennial Meeting - Washington, D.C.
Brian Arthur, Canada
Steen Bjarnhof, Denmark

1990 - 9th Triennial Meeting - Dresden
Paolo Cadorin, Switzerland