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Scientific Research
Scientific Research

Scientific Research

The Scientific Research Working Group is a venue to discuss in detail new research technologies and methodologies across many types of materials and collections. Application of methods and techniques for specific materials or objects are considered in the appropriate ICOM-CC working group. The areas of interest of the Scientific Research Working Group include: material degradation studies; non-invasive analysis and characterization; portable instrumentation, sensors and dosimeters; scientific methods for dating, provenancing and authentication; and statistics, modeling and chemometrics for cultural heritage. By exploring heritage materials, their construction, and mechanisms of deterioration, we aim to improve the conservation of moveable and immoveable heritage.



Coordinator of the Working Group

Yong LEI

Palace Museum 
4# Jingshan Qianjie, Dongcheng District
Beijing, 100009

Assistant Coordinators

Jocelyn Alcantara-Garcia

University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware, USA

Ashley A. Freeman

The Getty Conservation Institute
Los Angeles, California, USA

Manako Tanaka

Tokyo University of the Arts
Tokyo, JAPAN

Rosanna Kuon

Centro de Investigación y Conservación del Patrimonio - UTEC
Lima, PERU

Hana Lukesova

University Museum of Bergen
Bergen, NORWAY

Joy Mazurek

The Getty Conservation Institute
Los Angeles, California, USA

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