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ICOM-CC Strategic Objectives 2023-2026

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ICOM's Strategic Plan for 2022-2028 emphasizes three key principles: international outlook, professional focus, and collaborative practice.

This plan aims to strengthen ICOM's global influence, promote best practices in museum operations, and foster collaboration within the museum community. Our first task as the new Directory Board was to review and revise ICOM-CC’s strategic goals aligning these with those developed by our parent body.

ICOM-CC, the International Council of Museums - Committee for Conservation, serves as a hub for professionals in conservation, science, curation, and related fields. With a vision to elevate and fortify the conservation profession, ICOM-CC provides professionals with access to the latest conservation techniques and ethical considerations through specialized events and working groups.

The ICOM-CC Strategic Plan for 2023-2026 outlines objectives focusing on celebrating excellence and diversity, advocating for the conservation profession, enhancing global outreach, promoting sustainability, and ensuring efficient committee operations.

ICOM-CC Strategic Objectives 2023-2026

  1. Advocate and celebrate the essential role of conservation philosophy in practice to the sustainable development of museums and the excellence of the work carried out by our members.
  2. Explore and develop new opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration within the ICOM community.
  3. Recognising that conservation is a global undertaking, seek to deepen our member’s experience and engage new members in ICOM-CC.
  4. Engage with the topic of sustainability throughout the ICOM-CC structure ensuring that the Committee’s work is effective in leading relevant professional practice.
  5. Manage Committee operations in a consistent, professional, and efficient way.
Exploring ICOM-CC's Strategic Goals for 2023-2026: Charting a Course for Conservation Excellence

In the dynamic world of cultural heritage conservation, the International Council of Museums - Committee for Conservation (ICOM-CC) stands as a beacon of excellence, guiding professionals towards preserving our rich cultural legacy for generations to come. As we embark on the 2023-2026 triennium, ICOM-CC unveils a set of strategic goals that not only underscore its commitment to conservation but also pave the way for transformative change within the field.

Advocating Conservation Philosophy for Sustainable Museums

At the heart of ICOM-CC's mission lies the advocacy for conservation philosophy as a cornerstone for sustainable museum development. By celebrating the integration of conservation principles into museum practices, ICOM-CC aims to elevate the standard of work carried out by its members, ensuring the longevity and preservation of cultural heritage for future generations.

Fostering Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

Recognizing the complex challenges faced by the conservation community, ICOM-CC places a strong emphasis on fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration within the wider ICOM community. Through partnerships and dialogue among professionals from diverse backgrounds, ICOM-CC aims to harness collective expertise and innovative approaches to address emerging issues in cultural heritage conservation.

Global Engagement and Inclusivity

Conservation knows no boundaries, and ICOM-CC is committed to deepening global engagement and inclusivity within its ranks. By providing enriching experiences and networking opportunities on a global scale, ICOM-CC seeks to broaden its membership base, ensuring a more diverse and representative community of professionals dedicated to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Embedding Sustainability Across Operations

Sustainability is not just a buzzword at ICOM-CC; it's a guiding principle embedded in every facet of its operations. From conservation methodologies to organizational practices, ICOM-CC leads by example in promoting sustainable practices within the cultural heritage conservation field, inspiring its members to adopt eco-conscious approaches in their professional endeavors.

Efficient and Professional Management

Efficiency and professionalism are the cornerstones of effective organizational management, and ICOM-CC is no exception. By upholding high standards of governance, communication, and resource management, ICOM-CC ensures that its operations are streamlined and responsive to the needs of its members and the wider conservation community.

In conclusion, ICOM-CC's strategic goals for the 2023-2026 triennium set a bold agenda for conservation excellence, fostering collaboration, sustainability, and inclusivity within the cultural heritage conservation field. As we embark on this journey, let us join hands to preserve and celebrate our shared cultural heritage for generations to come.