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The Preprints from the 19th Beijing Preprints and the 18th Copenhagen Preprints are the most recent Triennial Conference additions to the ICOM-CC Preprints Online Platform. This initial set of publications was in conjunction with the celebration of COM-CC's 50th anniversary and the 18th Triennial Conference in Copenhagen 2017. Open access to ICOM-CC publications is a part of ICOM-CC’s strategy of promoting the conservation profession. Ever since the first ICOM-CC Meeting in 1967, ICOM-CC has published the Preprints from its Triennial Conferences. Most of the hardcopy volumes and CDs, not to mention old ring binder editions, are no longer available for purchase. In 2015, ICOM-CC and the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI), a sustaining partner of ICOM-CC, agreed to work together to ensure that the Preprints from all past conferences could be made available online. With the kind support of GCI and the collaboration of the Getty Research Institute (GRI) many of the past ICOM-CC Preprints have been digitised. The ICOM-CC working Group Interim Publications have now begun to be available on the Platform. This project is continuing and will see hundreds of working Group publications added to the freely available publications.

Access the ICOM-CC Publications Online.