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Modern Materials and Contemporary Art
Modern Materials and Contemporary Art

Modern Materials and Contemporary Art

The ICOM-CC Working Group Modern Materials and Contemporary Art aims to promote and facilitate the dissemination of research, discussion, and thinking on the full range of conservation issues and implications for modern and contemporary art. Specifically, the group aims to provide an effective platform for those professionals involved in this area of conservation to network and share information, and to ensure the rapid circulation of details on relevant conferences, seminars, events, and publications.



Coordinator of the Working Group

Anna Laganà

Getty Conservation Institute
1200, Getty Center Drive, suite 700
Los Angeles, California 90049-1684

Anna Laganà

Assistant Coordinators

Amy Brost

Museum of Modern Art
New York, New York USA

Natalya Swanson

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
San Francisco, California, USA

Suzan de Groot

Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE)

Kendra Roth

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York, NY, USA

Flavia Perugini

Getty Conservation Institute
Los Angeles, California, USA

Helena Ernst

Slash Conservation
München, GERMANY

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