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Download ICOM-CC Joint Interim Meeting Synthetic Textile Materials

Textiles Working Groups Interim meetings Modern Materials and Contemporary Art
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Uploaded on Tuesday 31 January 2023
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“Semi-synthetic and Synthetic Textile Materials in Fashion, Design and Art” is the Joint Interim Meeting organised by the ICOM-CC Modern Materials and Contemporary Art, and, the Textiles Working Groups.

Collections from the 20th century, especially those that focus on fashion, design and art, have semi-synthetic and synthetic textile materials. Since their development in the late 19th century, innovations have continuously developed throughout today. The degradation, preservation and conservation of these materials are in need of constant research, as many behave and degrade in unknown ways when compared to natural textiles and to synthetics used in three-dimensional objects.

This meeting brings together two conservation disciplines, Textiles and Modern Materials & Contemporary Art, to merge knowledge and increase?awareness?on the technology, identification, degradation and conservation of semi-synthetic and synthetic?textile materials.?

The event will be held online on the ICOM-CC Zoom Platform on 21-23 February 2023, and is open to members and non-members. The Zoom link will be provided to registered participants the day before the event. For registration please use the following link: