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Scientific Research Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Scientific Research Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Themes for investigation

  • Survey on the use of and the availability of research techniques within the conservation field.
    • The survey results will inform activities and projects of the Scientific Research Working Group with a focus on key challenges, such as availability, cost and accessibility of scientific instruments and equipment.


    • Organise one interim meeting on the theme of advanced technology such as neutron or synchrotron radiation with potential for collaboration with other ICOM-CC Working Groups.
    • Organise 2-3 online seminars about the application of basic scientific analytical methods in heritage science, to provide networking and sharing of knowledge opportunities.
    • Organise small-scale analytical skill training workshops in collaboration with a scientific research institution, e.g. Getty Conservation Institute


Proposed Activities

  • Organisation of virtual seminars potentially in collaboration with other Working Groups.
  • One international or regional conference/interim meeting (in collaboration with another Working Group).
  • Increase publicity about the Working Group and encourage more professionals to become members of the committee and all the groups, especially in currently underrepresented areas.
Scientific Research