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Glass and Ceramics Working Group Triennial Programme 2020-2023

Glass and Ceramics Working Group Triennial Programme 2020-2023

Specific themes of research /investigations

The Glass and Ceramics Working Group is interested in exploring the following themes during the 2020-2023 Triennium:

  • Diversity, equity, access, and inclusion in the field of glass and ceramics conservation, across the globe and in respective countries and cultures
  • Sustainability within our profession
  • Online teaching and virtual internships for emerging conservators
  • Adhesives and consolidants for glass and ceramics conservation
  • Loss compensation for glass and ceramics conservation
  • Standards of preventive care, particularly for glass collections

In addition, the Glass and Ceramics Working Group has organised focus groups for members to focus on the following topics:

Glass Deterioration

The Glass Deterioration focus group aims to bring together conservators, scientists, and allied professionals around the topic of glass deterioration. We provide a platform for reaching the broader community to anyone conducting research in the area of glass deterioration who would benefit from having that known in any way, e.g. share requests for sample materials, questionnaires, announcements, etc. We aim to be a good source of information for those dealing with the degradation of glass, particularly in museum collections.

Modern and Contemporary Glass and Ceramics

New for the 2020-2023 Triennium, the Modern and Contemporary Glass and Ceramics focus group will bring members together to discuss current and evolving approaches, as well as challenges specific to the conservation and care of modern and contemporary glass and ceramic collections. The focus group intends to connect colleagues, to inform and synthesise publications and developments in the field, and, most importantly, to create a safe and open environment that feels accessible for discussion and learning.


Interim Meeting 2022

Planning has begun for the next Glass and Ceramics Working Group Interim Meeting. While virtual conference options are being explored, meeting contributions will be published as a full volume of Preprints, as with past meetings.


The contributions to the 2022 Glass and Ceramics Interim Meeting will be published as a full volume of Preprints. These publications are invaluable resources to the global glass and ceramics conservation community.

ICOM-CC Publications Online Platform Project

The Working Group will also assist with gathering information for the Publications Online Platform Project related to the Working Group’s past publications, as well as any further work required to place publications generated in this triennium.

Virtual Café

Following the success of the Glass and Ceramics Working Group’s virtual “happy hour” meetings, held over Zoom in the summer of 2020, the Working Group will hold Virtual Cafés with thematic conversation topics. These virtual gatherings will bring together members to discuss the subjects most of interest to them and can help shape future activities of the Working Group. Discussion topics in the summer of 2020 included the 2022 Interim Meeting, virtual internships for emerging conservators, and members’ general health and well-being during the global pandemic. Future topics will include the focus group topics listed above, as well as others prioritized by the membership.


The Glass and Ceramics Working Group will publish an annual Newsletter, aimed at summarising relevant conferences, talks, and workshops; making important announcements of interest to the glass and ceramics community; and sharing new research, special projects, and updates on focus group activities.

Additional Communication

As always, the Glass and Ceramics Working Group delivers important announcements, communications, and member surveys to its membership by way of the Working Group email list. The Working Group’s Facebook page broadens its reach, providing another place to announce special projects and share interesting news articles.


ICOM-CC acknowledges and highly values the contributions and additional efforts required by the Working Group Coordinators towards converting the Beijing 19th Triennial Conference to a fully virtual event. Additional workloads are being carried by Coordinators from both the past and current triennia to ensure a vibrant and exciting conference.