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Textiles Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Textiles Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Themes for investigation: 

      • Analytical and documentation techniques for textile conservation: evaluating past techniques and discussing new techniques and approaches.
      • Evaluation of techniques, materials, and approaches (past and present): how are we becoming more sustainable and efficient within our profession? 
      • Textile conservation internationally: techniques, materials, struggles, and solutions found by textile conservators working around the globe.
      • Cross-discipline techniques: adapting techniques from other conservation disciplines to textile conservation and textile conservation techniques to other disciplines, potential joint informal Zoom meeting with the ICOM-CC Paintings Working Group.


  • Publications: continue to gather copyright information to publish Textile Working Group past interim meetings on the Online Publications Platform
  • Complete and publish the Postprints of the most recent interim meeting (2023): “Semi-synthetic and Synthetic Textile Materials in Fashion, Design and Art” held virtually in February 2023.
  • Contribute as a Working Group to the ICOM-CC task force for solving the sharing and archiving of digital video content from ICOM-CC activities.
  • The Working Group will be actively involved in the grading and editing of the Textiles Working Group papers and posters submitted to the ICOM-CC Triennial Conference in Oslo 2026. 
  • Continue to develop our Working Group’s social media presence and expand the capabilities of the Working Group’s page on the ICOM-CC website to allow more interaction and networking amongst the members.

Proposed activities:

  • The Working Group will organise regular virtual Zoom meetings (approximately once per year) on specific themes that provide sharing and question sessions.
    • Virtual Round Table Discussion on sharing experiences within textile conservation. Critically evaluating our past treatments and discussing current or future treatments, sharing from emerging professionals to experienced conservators.