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Graphic Documents Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Graphic Documents Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Specific themes for investigation

  • Physico-chemical characterization of cultural heritage materials with the aim of enhancing our knowledge about the objects and expanding the current databases containing information about the materiality of paper-based objects.
  • Materials degradation in the context of exhibitions and cross contamination.
  • Emissions from paper-based objects in enclosed exhibition cases and their potential effect on accelerating the degradation in the case for permanent exhibitions.
  • Sustainable conservation methods: reflect on what the state of the art is, especially for paper conservators.
  • look at the application of green chemistry in conservation practices.
  • loans and exhibitions, storage and building performance.
  • Diversity in Conservation The Working Group wants to look at the topic of diversity and ways of handling this topic. We would like to find out about the diverse structure among the Working Group members themselves but also to investigate new strategies to include colleagues outside of ICOM-CC, especially on behalf of Chinese colleagues looking at the Beijing conference in 2021. How to share knowledge and competences among book and paper conservators in China.
  • Book conservation The Working Group wants to widen the approach from graphic documents to the conservation strategy of bound volumes and 3-D book objects. The materials from paper, leather, parchment, and wood are therefore incorporated


  • Poll for change of the name of the Working Group
  • Two-day hybrid Interim Meeting for the beginning of 2025. The topic is open and all themes are welcome.
  • Possibly another Interim Meeting
  • Plans for partnerships/cooperation with other Working Groups, such as Preventive Conservation Working Group, Leather and Related Materials Working Group, and Scientific Research Working Group.
  • Triennial Conference 2026 in Oslo: the Working Group Assistants and the Coordinator are involved in the review process for the Triennial Conference 2026 in Oslo. This includes reviewing and selecting papers and posters for the ICOM-CC Triennial Conference to ensure the timeline for the preprints.
Graphic Documents