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Theory and History in Conservation Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Theory and History in Conservation Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Themes for investigation

  • Themes of knowledge transfer, education, training, preferably in collaboration with other ICOM-CC Working Groups (e.g. Education and Training) as well as across ICOM organizations (e.g. ICOM Standing Committee on Ehtics ETHCOM).
  • Establishing a more reliable network amongst members through regular communication, encouraging regional activities, non-English use and self-organization amongst membership.
  • Fostering intergenerational and intraregional discourse on conservation theory, history and ethics.


  • Development of regular, short-format, informal online meetings (2 per year, max) to discuss themes or case studies proposed by members of the Working Group with a focus on conservation decision-making.
  • Encouraging the organization of regional activities along Working Group themes, use of local languages including regional updates (Africa, East/West Asia, Europe and the Americas) to be distributed in quarterly emails.
  • Regular meetings for Coordinator/Assistant Coordinators (up to 2 per year), potentially open meetings for members.
  • Online interim meeting (e.g. panel discussion), potentially in collaboration with another ICOM-CC Working Group – potential session with members of ETHCOM to discuss consultation process for new Code of Ethics and role of conservation within it.

Proposed activities

  • Interim meeting with ETHCOM to discuss the role of conservation in the new Code of Ethics
  • Conduct a survey for Working Group  members to determine best method of communication (with assistance of ICOM-CC Directory Board)
  • Review and select papers and poster abstracts for the Triennial Conference to be held in 2026.


Theory, History, and Ethics of Conservation