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Metals Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Metals Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Specific themes of investigation

  • Scientific evaluation of treatments and approaches: we will explore how established and novel scientific techniques can be used to develop more sustainable interventive treatments and preventive methods and to provide evidence for evaluating their effectiveness critically.
  • Interdisciplinarity to drive understanding and innovation: drawing on expertise in industry, engineering, archaeometallurgy, art history and wider disciplines will elevate our understanding of heritage metals, their corrosion, and available methods for their preservation, whilst embracing a breadth of perspectives.
  • Engaging a global metals community: our Working Group has members from 38 countries but 50% of these are represented by a single member and 76% of members come from just 12 countries. Recognising and removing barriers to wider participation will encourage greater representation of the international metals community in Group activities.


  • Celebrate the 30-year anniversary of the inaugural triennial meeting of the Metals Working Group by working with the Directory Board to digitise and make available the meeting proceedings pre-2010.
  • Raise awareness of ICOM-CC events to encourage Metals Working Group member participation and explore areas of inter-Working Group collaboration, such as a joint event. More widely, ICOM-International Committees on Money and Banking Museums (ICOMON), Museums and Collections of Arms and Military History (ICOMAM), and Museums and Collections of Science and Technology (CIMUSET) have been identified as Committees with whom the Metals Working Group could seek to establish communication and collaboration.
  • Continue the Working Group efforts to support emerging professionals and authors from non-Western traditions to deliver papers at Working Group meetings. This includes the acceptance of shorter contributions from Young/Emerging Conservation Professionals and additional support for English language editing of papers



  • Assist with the organisation of the Metals Working Group session at the ICOM-CC Triennial Conference in Oslo, Norway, September 2026.
  • Collaborate with at least one other ICOM-CC Working Group or ICOM-International Committee to offer a joint event, such as a round table discussion or informal meeting
  • Survey members to understand how we can reduce barriers to participation in Working Group events and encourage ongoing discourse between triennial meetings.