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Documentation Working Group Triennial Programme 2020-2023

Documentation Working Group Triennial Programme 2020-2023

Specific themes for investigation/research

  • Documentation procedures for cultural heritage
  • Digital technologies and new approaches towards conservation documentation
  • Enhancing the role of imaging techniques as a tool for examination/investigation
  • Standardisation of terms being used in conservation documentation
  • Sustainable approaches for documentation practices


  • The Working Group will plan an Interim Meeting in collaboration with the Paintings Working Group of ICOM-CC or the ICOM International Committee for Documentation (CIDOC) 
  • The Working Group will prepare a directory of available imaging techniques involved in the conservation documentation of cultural heritage. The directory will be made available digitally on the ICOM-CC website.
  • The Working Group will collaborate with the ICOM International Committee for Documentation (CIDOC). This collaboration will seek to forge the links with the documentation work carried out by CIDOC and will promote the use of documentation standards and semantic web technologies for conservation documentation.
  • The Working Group will publish an annual Newsletter based on recent developments in the field, announcement of conferences, talks, job openings and other important information related to the conservation profession.
  • The Working Group will deliver important announcements, communications, and other relevant information through its Facebook page.
  • The Working Group will also share information using members’ mailing list.
  • The Working Group will encourage membership through outreach and planned activities.
  • The Working Group will work on sustainability issues relevant to the core themes of this group.

ICOM-CC Publications Online Platform Project: The Working Group will assist
with gathering information for the Publications Online Platform Project related to the Working Groups’ past publications, as well as any further work required to place publications generated in this triennium.


ICOM-CC acknowledges and highly values the contributions and additional efforts required by the Working Group Coordinators towards converting the Beijing 19th Triennial Conference to a fully virtual event. Additional workloads are being carried by Coordinators from both the past and current triennia to ensure a vibrant and exciting conference.