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Archaeological Materials and Sites Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Archaeological Materials and Sites Working Group Triennial Programme 2023-2026

Specific themes for investigation/research

 Sustainable approaches

  • to mitigate and prepare for impacts of climate change on archaeological sites
  • in preventive conservation, artifact treatment and storage
  • during rescue and post-conflict conservation

The effects of climate change on the archaeological record/landscape and the communities that live near/in them:

  • loss of archaeological sites and artifacts to changing weather patterns and extreme weather events
  • the role of the conservator
  • what type of assistance do communities want


1. Develop protocols for recovering and handling archaeological material for analysis, to prevent contamination.

  • identify analytical methods used and impact of contamination
  • identify what analysis can be done post conservation treatment

2. Possible collaboration with another Working Group, such as Murals, Stone, and Rock Art or Glass and Ceramics, to
organise an online Joint Interim Meeting or Workshop



  • Encourage submissions for the 21st Triennial Conference in 2026.
  • Increase the voice and authorship of indigenous partners when writing and presenting articles/papers and presentations/posters about collaborative work/projects.
  • Cultivate and improve cross-disciplinary collaboration between conservators, archaeologists, and other scientific specialists.
  • In relation to the above activity, establish closer working relationships with regional archaeology groups to encourage dialogue between the professions and integrate conservation as part of archaeological practice.
  • Communicate with the membership primarily through emails sent from the ICOM-CC website, as well as notifications posted on the Working Group’s Facebook page.
Archaeological Materials and Sites