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RESULTS ICOM-CC Working Group Coordinators 2023-2026

ICOM-CC   Working Groups
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Coordinators elected for the 2023-2026 triennium:

Archaeological Materials and Sites

No coordinator


Art Technological Source Research

Claire Betelu – France

Claire Betelu - FranceHead of the conservation department of the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, as painting conservator, teacher and researcher, I dedicate a large part of my activities to working, developing and sharing art technology research. Co-organizing the last Art Technological Source Research Working Group Interim Meeting Conference was a great occasion to actively work with the Group’s Coordinator at the time and to understand ICOM-CC’s organization. Additionally, the reception of this symposium in France, where this field is still little developed showed a growing interest in the world of conservation but not only; art historians, scientists and interdisciplinary teams have thus offered interesting communications with a new regard on the topics. 

Since its beginning, the Art Technology Source Research Working Group appeared as a reference in the field. The Group carries with it a spirit of rigor and scientific requirement, opening at the same time to original subjects and new methodological approaches. 

As Coordinator I will strive to continue the work of my predecessors in this process of openness and mediation. The previous symposium showed a new generation eager to work on new topics and develop precious Art Technology Source Research thematics as reconstitution and written source analyzes. The aim will be to support this research and foster links between the various members of the group. At the same time, the web page and Art Technology Source Research member list will be used as a relay in particular for the communication of the activities of the various members, when the topics will be in direct link with those of the Art Technology Source Research group.



Aditi Nagar – India

Aditi Nagar - IndiaI want to express my strong interest in the position of ICOM-CC Documentation Working Group Coordinator. With my deep passion for preserving cultural heritage and my experience in documentation practices, I am confident in my ability to contribute significantly to the Group's mission. 

Throughout my career as a conservation professional, and as Assistant Coordinator for Documentation Working Group, I have dedicated myself to the meticulous documentation of artworks, artifacts, and historical sites. I understand the critical role documentation plays in ensuring the long-term preservation and accessibility of cultural heritage. From digital imaging to condition reporting, I have honed my skills in various documentation techniques and have a comprehensive understanding of industry standards. 

As a Coordinator, I would strive to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among Group members. My strong communication and leadership abilities would enable me to facilitate productive discussions and inspire innovative approaches to documentation challenges. I believe in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration and would actively seek to engage professionals from diverse backgrounds to enrich our collective expertise. 

Furthermore, I am well-versed in emerging technologies and their application in documentation practices. As Coordinator, I would promote the integration of cutting-edge tools and methodologies into our group's activities. 

In conclusion, my commitment to the preservation of cultural heritage, combined with my expertise in documentation practices and enthusiasm for collaboration, makes me an ideal candidate for the position of ICOM-CC Documentation Working Group Coordinator. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of documentation standards and practices within the international conservation community.


Education and Training in Conservation

Tanushree Gupta  - Austria

Tanushree Gupta - India/AustriaConservation of cultural heritage requires collaboration at a multidisciplinary level, meaning thereby that professionals in varied specializations in the Committee for Conservation (and beyond) must come forward and together to advance and widen the application across the globe. The Working Group Education and Training in Conservation plays a vital role in realizing this goal.

I am Tanushree Gupta, Coordinator (2020-23), Assistant Coordinator (2017-20) of the Working Group Education and Training in Conservation.I  have learnt over the years the functioning of this Working Group, and I would like to continue working on this platform to implement various ideas which have been gathered all throughout. Primary aim is to connect professionals – through regular updates, workshops and seminars to enable engaging deliberations to not only raise the standards of education and training in conservation but also to identify areas of collaboration and encouraging learning from the expertise of one another. 

In my current position as University Assistant at Institute of Conservation, University of Applied Arts Vienna, and Steering Committee member of International Network for the Conservation of Contemporary Art, my experience involves various training and outreach projects in conservation on an international level. I believe my understanding of the discipline, pros and cons being faced in different parts of the world, will be useful in bridging the existing gaps, of course with the help of its members. I thus look forward to continue working with ICOM-CC once again, and make a rich team to carry on with the work in progress.


Glass and Ceramics

No coordinator


Graphic Documents

Andrea Pataki-Hundt - Germany

Andrea Pataki-Hundt - GermanyAndrea Pataki-Hundt has served for the last three years as Working Group Coordinator of Graphic Documents (2020-2023). Having learned many processes as Coordinator in cooperation with the ICOM-CC Directory Board, it would be a great honour to continue and to strengthen the activity within this professional community. 

To support and promote the emerging conservators is still one of her strongest goals for the next triennium. With the support of the Assistant Coordinators she would be happy to continue the goals of the Working Group Programme.
She is professor at the Cologne Institute of Conservation Sciences at the TH Ko¨ln, University of Applied Sciences, Cologne, since 2017. She is responsible for the book and paper conservation programme, including conservation of works of art on paper, documents, photography, and book illuminations. From 1998 to 2017, she was research assistant at the programme for conservation of works of art on paper, archive, and library materials at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart, where she also obtained her diploma (1997) and her Ph.D. (2005). In 1998, she was an advanced fellow at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, supported by the Academic Exchange Programme (DAAD). Her main research topics are the development of conservation methods, especially in the field of parchment conservation, iron gall ink corrosion treatment, application of aerosols in conservation, and all aspects of adhesives, including artificial aging. Lately she is conducting a research project in didactics in paper conservation which produces videos and tutorials for paper conservation treatment steps. 


Leather and Related Materials

Rosie Bolton – United Kingdom

Rosie Bolton - United KingdomI have been involved with the field of conservation, specialising in leather, skin and related materials, since 2015 and currently hold the position of Studio Manager at the Leather Conservation Centre, UK.

I am fortunate to have extensive networks within the field of conservation, through my role as tutor on various specialist courses, engagement with professional bodies, and currently as co-editor of the second edition of the Conservation of Leather and Related Materials book. I also have a wide network of contacts throughout the modern leather trade and related academic fields with whom we regularly collaborate. 

During the course of my work, I carry out practical treatment on objects for a range of clients, including large institutions and private clients. I have experience working with an array of materials within leather and skin, and various object categories. I believe this situates me well to understand issues and concerns within the field at present.

I am also involved in various research projects, including the recently launched Betty Haines Archive. I also supervise interns and facilitate training for both conservators and non-professionals, which has given me an understanding of entry routes into the specialism and appreciation for the diversity of the sector and opportunities for engagement. 

I advocate for cross-pollination and collaboration across the divergent specialisms within conservation, and for seeking expertise from outside the leather conservation world.  I believe that outreach and engaging with wider communities is vital in advancing the field, particularly as we look to a more sustainable future.



Nicola Emmerson  - United Kingdom

Nicola Emmerson - United KingdomAs a conservator specialising in the corrosion and treatment of iron, the ICOM-CC Metals Working Group is where I have found an international community of professionals with whom to share knowledge and experiences. I am proposing to serve the Metals Working Group membership in the role of Coordinator for the 2023-26 Triennium.

Metals Working Group activities centre on our highly successful Interim Meetings. Around the Metal 2025 meeting, I propose developing a calendar of accessible and inclusive events encompassing continuing professional development and networking opportunities. Bringing together metals conservators of all career stages, we will continue to build and engage our vibrant international community and explore commonalities with other working groups. 

In setting the Triennial Themes for the Metals Working Group, I will continue our commitment to addressing topical issues such as sustainability, elevating the voices of emerging professionals and the tensions between research and practice. I will also consult members to understand how we can serve our membership most fully and overcome barriers to participation in our activities.

Having acted as Assistant Coordinator for the 2020-23 Triennium, I have observed the hard work associated with the Coordinator role and know the importance of creating an engaged Assistant Coordinator team to support Metals Working Group activities. A decade ago, I returned to conservation and found the warmest of welcomes in the Metals Working Group community. I would be delighted to repay this kindness by working with the Assistant Coordinators to lead the Metals Working Group as Coordinator for 2023-26.


Modern Materials and Contemporary Art

Anna Laganà – United States of America

Anna Laganà - United States of AmericaI would like to submit my candidacy to serve a second term as Coordinator for the Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Working Group. I served as Coordinator of this dynamic group for 2020-2023 triennium and has been a wonderful experience. So, I would be pleased to take on this role again.  

I am a modern and contemporary art conservator and researcher, specializing in the conservation of plastics. I currently work as a Senior Research Specialist at the Getty Conservation Institute within the Modern and Contemporary Art Initiative. Here I lead projects including investigation of treatment strategies for plastics in collections and develop workshops for their conservation. 

Over the years, I learned the value of advancing knowledge through sharing and networking. Therefore, as Coordinator, I aim to improve the connection between members, and promote and facilitate exchanges of practical experiences, research findings, and more. To promote these exchanges, I would like to continue organizing our virtual gatherings (Topics Series and Emerging Professional Coffee Chats) and other events, producing the newsletter, actively using our website, and providing our Facebook page as a dynamic platform. My goal is also to keep increasing the involvement of students and young professionals, and the awareness of our group. Due to the complexity of materials and overlapping disciplines in the conservation of contemporary art, I would like to continue intensifying interactions with other Working Groups through collaborative activities and joint interim meetings. 

I look forward to the opportunity to work closely with membership to develop an inspiring program for the next triennium!


Murals, Stone, and Rock Art

No coordinator


Natural History Collections

Davison Chiwara – Zimbabwe

Davison Chiwara - ZimbabweI am a lecturer in the Department of Archaeology, Cultural Heritage and Museum Studies at Midlands State University, Zimbabwe. Also, I am the Coordinator of the African Museology Project for the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art. My research interests are in the conservation of heritage and museums and gallery practice.

I have participated in ICOM-CC Triennial Conferences since 2017 (Copenhagen, Denmark) and 2020 (Beijing, China), and the ICOM Solidarity Project, Training the Trainers 2022. Further, I have presented research papers at the American Institute of Conservation (AIC) Annual Meetings; International Institute of Conservation (IIC) Congresses; Culture in Crisis Conference and Getty Conservation Institute (GCI) Living Matter Symposium.

I am seeking your support for the role of Coordinator, Natural History Collections. I would like to revive this Working Group that has been dormant for the past 3 years. I need to get this Working Group working again by reaching out to members who have an interest in natural history collections and getting them involved so that we create a strong Working Group session programme for the 2026 Triennial Conference.

I envision furthering research on natural history collections to enhance their role in support of learning in museums and preserve them for posterity. I have a passion for researching natural history collections. This passion resulted in me doing my doctoral research focusing on ornithology and mammalogy collections at the Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe. The research focused on the scientific analysis of pesticide contaminants and their effects on the conservation of collections and human health.


Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures 

Sabine Cotte - Australia 

Sabine Cotte - Australia I work part time as a private conservator and part time as a teacher in the Cultural Materials Conservation Department and the Art Curatorship Department at the University of Melbourne, Australia. I have an extensive experience of leading conservation workshops, disaster preparedness and disaster recovery workshops in South East Asia. My interests are in living heritage, sustainability of conservation practice, community access and collaboration, and the ethics of these collaborations processes. 

I have been Assistant Coordinator for this group since 2014, and acting coordinator in collaboration with Lucie Monot since late 2022.
Our group reflects diversity of people, places and objects and our Facebook page is quite popular; I wish to extend this informal way of meeting and sharing experiences and information between members during the next triennium. 



Sue Ann Chui – United States of America

Sue Ann Chui - United States of AmericaI am Sue Ann Chui, a Conservator at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C., USA, with a specialization in the structural conservation of panel paintings. Through the treatment and study of paintings, I contribute to the understanding of materials and techniques of artists in exhibitions and publications that have included Andrea del Sarto, Ercole de’ Roberti, and the workshop of Leonardo da Vinci. I sustain our field by supervising fellows and interns. 

I am seeking your support for the role of Coordinator of the Paintings Working Group. Beyond my work at the "bench", my past service to various conservation organizations has prepared me well for this role in ICOM-CC. I was the program chair of the Paintings Specialty Group of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) in 2009, and have most recently served AIC on the Paintings Specialty Group and Poster program committees in 2022. I helped to organize the 2009 symposium "Facing the Challenges of Panel Paintings Conservation: Trends, Treatments, and Training" held at the Getty Center, and was a co-editor of the proceedings.  From 2013-2019, I served on the board of the Western Association for Art Conservation (WAAC) where as Vice President and President I lead the planning of two annual meetings (2018, 2019) which had the highest attendance in recent memory.

As a member of ICOM since 2006, it would be an honor to continue to contribute to the conservation community in the capacity of Coordinator by developing a program of current and relevant topics for the Triennial Conference, and disseminating practical and timely information to the membership.


Photographic Materials

Richard Mulholland – United Kingdom

Richard Mulholland - United KingdomI am Senior Lecturer in Conservation at Northumbria University, UK, where my research is primarily concerned with the materials, techniques, and studio processes of artists from the eighteenth to the late twentieth century, working closely with artist’s estates and archives, and particularly focusing on material and meaning in twentieth century artists' work. 

Prior to this, I spent 18 years as a museum conservator and heritage consultant, where I held a number of conservation liaison roles for global touring exhibitions and curatorial departments. I also designed, coordinated, and successfully delivered several important capacity-building projects in India and Afghanistan working with interdisciplinary, international teams. In my present post, I have a lead role in the cross-disciplinary supervision of postgraduate and doctoral student research, where I promote research in technical art history and conservation. I am also actively involved in the production of events and content for Northumbria’s Visual and Material Cultures research group and have built significant experience in event planning in the development of several yearly, themed guest speaker programmes for both staff and students at the university. I have a range of diverse, heritage facing project management and administrative skills, and am an experienced research coordinator, grant writer, editor, peer reviewer, public speaker and conference presenter. 

I feel that these experiences with my past work in paper conservation and a keen interest in issues relating to not only paper but photographic materials in general contribute to my candidacy as Coordinator.

I would wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to work with colleagues in the Photographic Materials in this capacity.


Preventive Conservation

David Cohen – Colombia

David Cohen - ColombiaOver the last 20 years, I have worked in the conservation field on several projects related to teaching and research activities in small museums in different regions of Colombia. As part of my career, I have collaborated with ICCROM in the formulation and testing phase of the Risk Management Method and the Re-ORG project.

I believe museums are facing a difficult time due to many hazards, changes, and efficiency requirements being critical to enhancing the decision-making process for better use of resources. Preventive Conservation will play a vital role over the next decade, as the COVID-19 pandemic sadly proved.

Climate change and social, economic, and political challenges will certainly dare museums and their relationship with a broader vision of sustainability impacting collections and conservation practices.

Before this scenario, my interest as Coordinator is to continue the relevant work the Preventive Conservation Working Group has made, strengthening our professional network and our shared interests, research results, and experiences as local responses to global problems.

Finally, I have a personal interest in taking this office. I came from a country where most museums, from over 450, according to the official data, have to struggle every day for their collections and where Preventive Conservation is not an option but an imperative.


Scientific Research

Yong Lei  - China       

Yong Lei - ChinaBeing a conservation scientist with research interests in ceramics, polychromes and organics for twenty years, a conservation manager as the deputy director of the conservation department at the Palace Museum (PM) in China for ten years, and one of the chiefs of the IIC-ITCC based at the PM for five sessions, I have gained an excellent insight into the contemporary development of the conservation profession, rich experiences of organizing various international activities, and good connection with a wide range of global professionals and foundations. These lay a good foundation for me to contribute to the Group and the broad cultural heritage community as a coordinator.

If I’m offered this great opportunity, I plan to improve the scientific cooperation among different types of conservation institutions on analytical equipment, technology and communication of conservation scientists and technicians. I plan to advance the usage of both innovative high-tech and convenient with lower cost scientific techniques in analyses, which gives conservation scientists opportunities to choose suitable methods according to their needs and budgets. Learning from successful experiences from Gordon Research Conferences and Technart, I plan to offer chances such as an in-person or hybrid international conference or a special discussion section in newsletters for scientists from various fields to communicate with each other adequately. For furthering the collaboration between the east and the west, I will recommend researchers with broad background to come to the PM as fellows or lecturers to do research or presentation about cultural heritage science through the Tai He Forum.    


Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration 

No coordinator



Sarah Benson – Sweden

Sarah Benson - SwedenThis candidacy is for a second triennium as the Textiles Working Group Coordinator. I have been a member of ICOM-CC since 2013 before attending and presenting at the Triennial Conference in Melbourne. I found it a most inspiring event that brought together so many different cultures and backgrounds into one common interest and goal of preserving cultural heritage. I still find that ICOM-CC has the unique advantage of being the international community for conservators from all material backgrounds and cultures which can provide so many advantages to us as individual conservators and within our profession as a whole.

I completed the textile conservation masters at the University of Glasgow in 2013 with an internship in Paris. I have since worked as a textile conservator in Southeast Asia, the Gulf,  Norway and am now the textile conservator at the National Museum of Sweden, Stockholm. 

Within the last triennial period I had very high ambitions with many activities planned for the Working Group. Though not everything on my list was completed, I hope that the activities we had were beneficial and interesting to the group. The biggest event was the joint interim meeting in conjunction with the Modern Materials and Contemporary Art Working Group which was a 3 day digital meeting and will result in Post Prints that will be published later in the year if all goes according to plan. 

If selected, I hope that I will be able to continue to organise interesting events and projects that bring together the Textiles Working Group and textile conservators internationally.


Theory, History, and Ethics of Conservation

Ayesha Fuentes – United Kingdom

Ayesha Fuentes - United KingdomAs a specialist in archaeological and ethnographic collections, I have worked in the US, UK and Europe, Asia, and Africa, and I believe I have a unique perspective on the care of cultural heritage in museums and conservation as a global practice. 

In recent years, conservators of all material specialisms are being asked to consider increasingly complex theoretical, historical and ethical perspectives and, at the same time, to manage more types of responsibilities across larger networks. I hope it will be the place of this Working Group at this time to create opportunities for conservators to articulate their present methodological concerns and challenges, to share resources, and to explore ideas, skills or networks than could empower colleagues to think critically, collaboratively and practically about conservation and our value to the communities and institutions for whom we work.

Originally from the US, I’m now based in the UK at the University of Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology as an objects conservator and researcher. I am a graduate of the UCLA/Getty MA Program in the Conservation of Archaeological and Ethnographic Materials and I have a PhD from SOAS University of London. I have been an active member of ICOM-CC since 2012 and was formerly Associate Coordinator of Murals, Stone and Rock Art (2014-2020). I joined as Assistant Coordinator of the Theory, History and Ethics Working Group in 2020 and organized our panel discussion of November 2022 on inherent vice and ruination. 


Wet Organic Archaeological Materials

Ida Hovmand - Denmark

Ida Hovmand - DenmarkI trained as an archaeological conservator in Cardiff, UK, and since 1998 I have been the conservation manager at the conservation unit (Bevaringscenter Fyn) at Langelands Museum, Denmark, where I am responsible for conservation of all archaeological finds including waterlogged organics from both terrestrial and marine sites.

I have with great pleasure been involved with this Working Group since 1996. I have previously been an Assistant Coordinator and for this triennium served as Coordinator. This has been a busy, inspiring and at times challenging period, where I have been fortunate to work with the support of a great team of Assistant Coordinators. During my time as Coordinator, I have learned a great deal communicating with the members of the group, organising an Interim Meeting and publication, as well as gaining an insight into the work of the Directory Board and the other Working Groups.

Based on this experience, I would like to put my name forward as a candidate for Coordinator for the next triennium. As well as continuing to promote collaborations and research, I wish to support and encourage the use of the mailing list, Facebook page and newsletter as resources and forums for questions and collegial networking.  Organising an Interim Meeting with personal and virtual attendance is important for this Working Group and will therefore be a high priority. Furthermore, I would like the opportunity to continue to support and work with the Directory Board to make the Working Groups’ previous interim publications available on ICOM-CC Publications Online.


Wood, Furniture, and Lacquer

No coordinator