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Download ICOM-CC Medal nomination template 2023

ICOM-CC Conferences
Filename ICOM-CC-Medal-nomination-template-2023.docx
Uploaded on Monday 20 February 2023
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At the 20th ICOM-CC Triennial Conference in Valencia, Spain, a medal/s will be awarded to a member/s of ICOM-CC who have played a vital role within the organization itself and in the field of conservation at large.

The award/s will be conferred during the final plenary session of the Triennial Conference so that recipients can receive recognition of their work in the presence of their peers. Moreover, the conference will be a venue for introducing younger conservation professionals to the work of colleagues without whom ICOM-CC and the profession would not have achieved its current level of development and excellence.


  • nominations may be made by current voting ICOM-CC members (“current voting” means you have received your ICOM 2023 sticker).
  • one nomination per form.
  • current ICOM-CC Directory Board members, Working Group Coordinators and Assistant Coordinators are not eligible to be nominated.
  • highlight the role/s and contributions of the individual in both ICOM-CC and the conservation
  • past Medal recipients are posted on the ICOM-CC website ( under “ABOUT” scroll to “History of ICOM-CC”.

submit this form as an e-mail attachment to: by FRIDAY 31 MARCH 2023