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19th Triennial Conference in Beijing

19th Triennial Conference in Beijing START DATE: May 17, 2021END DATE: May 21, 2021
Transcending Boundaries: Integrated Approaches to Conservation

The theme for the conference focuses on bringing together in the same forum the knowledge, traditions, and skills of the East and the West. The ICOM website statement reminds us that museums have no borders – they have networks. We think that this is also the case for cultural heritage conservation. The Triennial Conference theme is a channel where one can explore this concept. What are the backgrounds for our selection of conservation methods and materials? What are the features and properties we strive to achieve when working with our artefacts?

The aim of this theme is to help professionals in the field from all around the world learn from one other’s practices, philosophies, and materials. We hope to receive the usual excellent Preprint contributions for the 19th Triennial Conference in Beijing, China, in 2020 and sincerely hope there will be numerous contributions - both posters and papers - that touch on this conference theme.

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