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24th General Conference ICOM Milano, Italy

24th General Conference ICOM Milano, Italy START DATE: July 3, 2016END DATE: July 9, 2016
The 24th General Conference of ICOM was held on the 3-9 July 2016 in Milano, Italy.

This ICOM triennial activity explored the theme of: 'Museums and Cultural Landscapes'.

In addition to administrative meetings of ICOM’s Executive Council, Advisory Committee, and General Assembly, the conference included plenary sessions, technical visits, and specialized sessions hosted by the International Committees.

ICOM-CC held two sessions during the conference week.


The first will be a joint session between ICOM International Committees for Conservation (ICOM-CC) and Museum Security (ICMS) and the ICOM Disaster Relief Task Force (DRTF). The session will take place on Tuesday 05.July 2016, from 15:30 to 18:30.


The theme of the session is: 'Disaster Risks Reduction for Museums'.

The afternoon will consist of presentations and a panel discussion.

On Wednesday 06.July 2016, from 14:30 to 18:30, ICOM-CC will hold a session on the theme: 'Loans and environmental guidelines – current procedures and perspectives'.

The session is build around presentations and a participatory discussion.

Up to recently, climate conditions for storage, exhibition and loans of collections were guided by very stringent specifications. These guidelines are now being replaced by a demand for flexibility, considering that collections may have climatic conditions different from the set points in traditional guidelines. What are the experiences and views of persons involved in a collection’s care and loans? Aspects of loan traffic will be presented and discussed from different perspectives by non-conservation museum professionals as well as by conservators.

The programme for the afternoon is: (click on the title to read the abstract)

- Keynote: Objects that travel: What risks? What rules? What to wear?

Stefan Michalski, Canada Conservation Institute Ottawa, Canada

-The Challenges of Loan Exhibitions in India: Experience at Victoria Memorial Hall and Indian Museum, Kolkata

Dr. J. Sengupta, Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta, India

- The conservators’ role in loans.

Kristiane Strætkvern, Conservation and Science Department, National Museum of Denmark.

- Expomus experience with travelling exhibitions - conservation strategies and challenges.

Ms. Roberta Saraiva Coutinho, Expomus Executive Director, Sao Paolo, Brazil

- Case Studies and Alternative Experiences in Dealing with the Real World of Loans and Travelling Exhibitions.

Dr. Luiz Souza, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

- Open discussion with participants

Moderator: Dr. Bill Wei, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Amsterdam


On Thursday 7 July 2016 from 9:00 - 11:00 an off-site visit to the Brera Gallery collections in Milano was sponsored by ICOM-CC. The director, Dr. James Bradburn, and conservator, Sara Scatragli presenedt the collection and addressed how the museum deals with risk management, environmental issues, and handling of loans.