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ICOM-CC and Best in Heritage

June 1 2024 Collaborative Projects ICOM-CC
ICOM-CC is a proud contributor to the 2024 Best in Heritage programme. 

Best in Heritage takes place annually.

This year the 23rd annual edition will take place from late May to early October and feature over 40 award-winning museum, heritage and conservation projects from diverse corners of the world.

Our video interviews will delve deep into ground-breaking best practices, providing invaluable insights and a behind-the-scenes look into the accomplishments of renowned experts.

Through engaging conversations facilitated by leaders and innovators in the cultural heritage field, viewers will gain first-hand understanding of the awarded achievements and the keys to their success.

Sharing the most impactful and pioneering practices from both professional and civil society domains in curating and communicating heritage, The Best in Heritage remains dedicated to establishing highest-quality standards and a unique platform that fosters global connections among public memory institutions.

Our hard-working interviewers, who also serve as our annual “Project of Influence” recognition Jury in 2024, are: Cheeyun Kwon, Executive Board Secretary of ICOM's International Committee for the Training of Personnel; Russell Briggs, Chief Experience Officer at the Australian Museum; Kate Seymour, Chair of ICOM's Committee for Conservation; Katey Goodwin, Deputy Chief Executive at Art UK; Sandro Debono, Museum Thinker, Consultant & Academic; and Museologist Gabriela da Rocha.

With invaluable support from our partner Europa Nostra, through the Creative Europe programme, and the patronage of the International Council of Museums, we continue to strengthen our mission. This year the programme is further supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media, and features collaboration with International Committees ICOM-ICTOP, ICOM-CC and ICOM-AVICOM.

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