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Download Decision Making Model for the Conservation and Restoration of Fluid Preserved Specimens

Working Groups Natural History Collections
Filename Decision-Making-Model-for-the-Conservation-and-Restoration-of-Fluid-Preserved-Specimens.pdf
Uploaded on Saturday 15 April 2023
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The model presented here builds upon a model for decision making in conservation issues developed earlier by a working group of the Foundation for the Conservation of Modern Art (1999). The model suggests a decision-making trajectory for conservation problems associated with fluid preserved specimens. Basically, the decision model serves as a guideline to:

  • Determine if a change in condition affects the meaning of the specimen in such a way that intervention must be considered.

  • Propose various possible solutions for the conservation problem.

  • Come to a final treatment plan by carefully weighing the conservation options against the consequences.

    Andries J. van Dam
    © 2004, Museum of Anatomy, Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands