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Museums facing their environmental and societal responsibilities

START DATE: November 22, 2023END DATE: November 22, 2023


Over the past several months, ICOM FRANCE have successfully conducted five sessions centered on the critical theme of museums addressing their ecological and societal obligations.


As we approach the culminating event, the sixth session, scheduled for November 22nd, our focus shifts to the profound impact of armed conflicts, natural disasters, and acts of terrorism on cultural institutions. During this session, we aim to delve into how museums and cultural entities incorporate risk management strategies, exhibit resilience, anticipate potential threats, and respond adeptly in times of crisis. Notably, this discussion will be enriched by insights from seasoned professionals who have grappled with such challenging circumstances firsthand. 

Moderation by

Kate Seymour, Chair ICOM-CC. She is head of education at SRAL, Maastricht, a regional conservation institute and involved in running preventive conservation workshops.

Sandrine Beaujard-Vallet, ICOM France. She is head of registrar department at the Centre Pompidou and also operational reservist with the Paris fire department.

The session is scheduled to commence at 17:30 - 18:30 (Paris time) on the 22nd November 2023.
Contact: Anne-Claude Morice ICOM-FRANCE