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Photographic Materials Working Group Triennial Programme 2020-2023

Photographic Materials Working Group Triennial Programme 2020-2023

Specific themes for investigation/ideas

The Photographic Materials Working Group welcomes the following themes during the 2020–2023 Triennium:

  • Diversity, equity, access, and inclusion in the field of photographic materials conservation, across the globe and in respective countries and cultures.
  • Sustainability within our profession.
  • Evolving conditions for preventive care of photographic collections – adapting standards to different geographic and socio-economic environments.
  • Online teaching and virtual opportunities: understanding the impact of COVID-19 in photograph conservation programmes and what training strategies were adopted during the pandemic, as well as solutions implemented, and possible larger effects and/or changes in training structures.
  • The concept and appreciation of Photography – how does it influence the conservation of photographic collections?
  • Innovation in practical treatments for photography collections and materials.
  • Scientific analysis and new technology for researching photographic collections. Recognising the complexity and variety of materials found in the field of photograph conservation, the Working Group would also consider collaborations within fields such as:
    • Glass deterioration
    • Paper conservation
    • Time-based Media
    • Modern and Contemporary collections
    • Collections Care
    • Social Sciences, Anthropology, Ethnography


Interim Meeting 2022

Planning has begun for the next Photographic Materials Working Group Interim Meeting to be held in September of 2022. Different options are being explored, including virtual conferencing.

Triennial Conference 2023

The Photographic Materials Working Group will work towards significant contributions to the ICOM-CC 20th Triennial Conference.


The Photographic Materials Working Group will publish an annual Newsletter, aimed at summarising relevant conferences, talks, and workshops; making important announcements of interest to the photograph conservation community; and sharing new research, special projects, and updates on focus activities.


The Photographic Materials Group will continue collaborating and contributing with papers and posters for the 20th Triennial Conference. These publications are invaluable resources to the global photograph conservation community.

ICOM-CC Publications Online Platform Project

The Working Group will continue assisting with gathering information for the Publications Online Platform Project related to the Working Groups’ past publications, as well as any further work required to place publications generated in this triennium.

Additional Communication

The Photographic Materials Working Group keeps connected and engaged with members, sharing news, events, important announcements, surveys and more through the Working Group email list. The Group has a global reach through its Facebook page and LinkedIn group, where it announces news articles and special projects. The Working Group’s home page on the ICOM-CC website will be updated regularly.


ICOM-CC acknowledges and highly values the contributions and additional efforts required by the Working Group Coordinators towards converting the Beijing 19th Triennial Conference to a fully virtual event. Additional workloads are being carried by Coordinators from both the past and current triennia to ensure a vibrant and exciting conference.