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Art Technological Source Research Working Group Triennial Programme 2020-2023

Art Technological Source Research Working Group Triennial Programme 2020-2023

Specific themes for investigation


The research of historic and contemporary sources for artists’ and artisans’ materials and techniques is important for our understanding of art works and cultural objects. It is an essential complement to technical analysis, and it is thus of importance for questions about conservation of art works and cultural objects. Art technological sources of different media (texts, images, objects) are not just tools to interpret analytical results, but they reflect artistic, artisanal and societal practices of their period and thus help to contextualise the material objects of the past.
One theme of this triennium will be to strengthen the interdisciplinary exchange (e.g. through joint virtual interim meetings) between conservators, art historians, historians / historians of science, scientists and artists or producers of art to explore different aspects of art technological sources related to production, uses, (changing) perceptions, (changing) practices and conservation of artistic / cultural objects.

Reference collections – university collections

Another issue is a closer collaboration with collections of artistic / artisanal materials, for example in collections of art academies or universities. The Working Group intends to explore possibilities for collaboration with the ICOM International Committee for University Museums and Collections (UMAC).


Interim Meeting

The Working Group plans to organise its 9th Interim Meeting in autumn 2022. Venue and dates are still under discussion. Although the Working Group hopes that in 2022 it will be possible to meet and discuss in person, virtual or hybrid conference options are also being explored. A hybrid format of the meeting would offer the possibility of participation to those who are not able to travel. This would increase the number of participants and certainly also promote a lively discussion. Independent from the decision on the meeting format, it is intended to publish the conference papers.

Triennial Conference

The Art Technological Source Research Working Group will encourage its members and friends to submit numerous contributions to the ICOM-CC 20th Triennial Conference.


The papers of the 8th Interim Meeting of the Art Technological Source Research Working Group held in 2019 will be published on the ICOM-CC Publications Online Platform. This format is also projected for the postprints of the planned 9th Interim Meeting of the Working Group. The Working Group will continue to work with the Directory Board on the Publications Online Project in order to make ready publications for upload.


The Art Technological Source Research Working Group aims to distribute an annual Newsletter. Relevant information such as upcoming symposia, meetings, publications or projects that might be of interest for our members will be included in the Newsletter and updates will be circulated via group emails to our membership list. Additionally, creation of a Working Group Facebook page is still under discussion.


ICOM-CC acknowledges and highly values the contributions and additional efforts required by the Working Group Coordinators towards converting the Beijing 19th Triennial Conference to a fully virtual event. Additional workloads are being carried by Coordinators from both the past and current triennia to ensure a vibrant and exciting conference.