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Archaeological Materials and Sites Working Group Triennial Programme 2020-2023

Archaeological Materials and Sites Working Group Triennial Programme 2020-2023

Specific themes for investigation/research

 Sustainable approaches

  • to mitigate and prepare for impacts of climate change on archaeological sites
  • in preventive conservation, object treatment and storage
  • to rescue and post-conflict conservation

COVID-19 Issues

The impact of the pandemic on archaeological conservation, site preservation and conservation education.


ICOM-CC Publications Online Platform Project

The Working Group will assist with gathering information for the Publications Online Platform Project related to the Working Groups’ past publications, as well as any further work required to place publications generated in this triennium. Although the Archaeological Materials and Sites Working Group is new, and has therefore, no past publications, individual members may have contributed to previous publications via other Working Groups.


  • Proposed Joint Interim Meeting (digital) with the Murals, Stone and Rock Art Working Group to be held in 2022.
  • Encourage submissions for the 20th Triennial Conference in 2023.
  • Establish closer working relationships with regional archaeology groups, such
  • as the ICON Archaeology group, the European Association of Archaeologists, the AIA Archaeology Group and the Australian Archaeological Association, among others, in order to encourage dialogue between professions and to integrate conservation as part of archaeological practice.
  • Communication with the membership will take place primarily through emails sent from the ICOM-CC website, as well as notifications via the Working Group’s Facebook page.