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Biocides in Museum Collections


This web-page aims at further disseminating information resources and promoting research and exchanges on the topic of biocides in museum collections.

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  • Bibliography on Biocides in Museums, prepared by assistant coordinators Farideh Fekrsanati and Monika Harter for distribution at the ICOM-CC 15th Triennial Conference in New Delhi, September 2008. Special thanks to contributors Jessica Johnson, Nancy Odegaard, Jane Sirois and Helene Tello.  


 Useful Links

  • NMAI Pesticide Web-pages: the National Museum of the American Indian devotes a section of its website on the issue of pesticide residues in museum collections, including sections on: which pesticides have been used in the past; analytical techniques to detect pesticide residues; pesticides, repatriation and loans; a bibliography; and web links.
  • Website of the Integrated Pest Management Working Group, a group of collection managers, conservators and other professionals interested in issues surrounding the implementation of integrated pest management in museums and other collection-holding institutions.



Photo © and courtesy of the Canadian Conservation Institute.


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