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Murals, Stone, and, Rock Art Working Group
Triennial Programme 2020-2023

Specific themes for investigation/ideas


Age of the Anthropocene, challenges and opportunities created by the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change
The world is facing the unprecedented crisis of a global health pandemic, COVID-19. Apart from the devastating consequences on people’s health and lives, lockdowns have resulted in the closure of schools, businesses and cultural attractions. Travel, and therefore tourism, will feel the impacts for years to come. Reduced resources available to heritage institutions and will put stress on local communities. At the same time, there is an opportunity to demonstrate the power of cultural heritage – murals, stone and rock art – in facing the future. The upheaval is forcing us to think creatively and collectively to meet completely new challenges.

Increasing public understanding and appreciation of the conservation of murals, stone and rock art
One of the pillars of conservation and management of heritage is public engagements. How are we doing this? What are the challenges?

Discussion regarding of profiles for mural, stone and rock art conservation professionals
The typical image of a conservator is someone is a white lab coat perched over a microscope. The reality is quite different when dealing with murals, stone and rock art. What distinguishes us and where are the gaps in preparations of professionals in these fields?

Enabling and achieving sustainable development through mural, stone and rock art heritage
There is a lot of discussion on building better from the wreckage of the pandemic which has revealed the importance of creating new ways to access and valorise culture. We are also forced to consider a deeper understanding of what sustainability means and to explore the negative and positive impacts of tourism.





• Increase collaboration between Working Groups as per Objective 1 of the ICOM-CC Strategic Plan
• Increase public outreach through media e.g., Facebook as per Objective 2d of the ICOM-CC Strategic Plan
• Increase opportunities for Working Group members to share experiences through Interim Meetings and publications. Currently planned as virtual but they could possibly be part of the 2022 ICOM General Conference in Prague.

• Joint Interim Meeting with the ICOM-CC Archaeological Materials and Sites Working Group:
    o Theme to be defined o Virtual in 2022
    o With publication.
• Joint Interim Meeting with the ICOM-CC Sculpture, Polychromy, and Architectural Decoration Working Group:
   o From murals and rock art to architectural decoration o Virtual in 2022
   o With publication.
• Define capacity of the Working Group membership by collecting information, to the extent legally possible, qualifications, fields of research, and specific expertise.

ICOM-CC Publications Online Platform Project
Assist with gathering information for the Publications Online Platform Project related to the Working Groups’ past publications, as well as any further work required to place publications generated in this triennium.


ICOM-CC acknowledges and highly values the contributions and additional efforts required by the Working Group Coordinators towards converting the Beijing 19th Triennial Conference to a fully virtual event. Additional workloads are being carried by Coordinators from both the past and current triennia to ensure a vibrant and exciting conference.


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