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Art Technological Source Research

Working Group
Triennial Programme 2014-2017


Working Group Activities and Projects 2014–2017


  • The Working Group aims to distribute a yearly newsletter and maintain a blog on the Working Group forum page. We also plan to circulate relevant information such as upcoming symposia, meetings or publications that might be of interest for our members via group emails as well as on our webpage.

Interim Meeting:

  • The Working Group will organize one Interim Meeting on 10 and 11 November 2016. The venue is Stuttgart, Germany, in collaboration with the Institute for Conservation at the Academy of Fine Arts. Depending on the general theme, the Interim Meeting might be organized in partnership with the Education and Training in Conservation Working Group


  • We plan to continue the successful series of post prints of our Interim Meetings, which has broad outreach and a wide readership.

 ICOM-CC Triennial Conference 2017:

  • We want to encourage numerous contributions to the ICOM-CC 2017 Copenhagen Triennial Conference in order to provide an exciting Working Group program and to achieve a full day of Art Technological Source Research Working Group sessions, possibly also a joint session with another Working Group.

Specific themes of research /investigations

  • The Art Technological Source Research Working Group wants to focus on its core competence: the research on historic sources for artists' materials and techniques. Main issues for the upcoming Interim Meeting as well as for the next Triennial Conference will be interpretation of artist's notebooks, practical treatises, studio interiors, workshop inventories, documents on the trade in artist’s materials, and databases for art technological sources. Previous Art Technological Source Research meetings have showed that the profound disclosure of source material is of fundamental importance for both art historical and material-technical research, and therefore basic to all further study of art objects.
  • The Working Group wants to continue exploring possible synergies and collaboration avenues with institutions such as conservation programs or conservation science programs at universities where art technological source research is being conducted especially within the framework of PhD theses or other funded research projects.
  • We also want to provide a network of mutual support and of information on current developments and discussions and to maintain collaborations with relevant institutions through participation in conferences and events. Information about current materials and practices employed in the conservation of sculpture and experiences with available new products and/or techniques will be exchanged and appraised within a broad context.

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