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Download The Future is Bright - 2 day conference at the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, 15 and 16 November 2012

Uploaded onFriday 14 September 2012
Publishing year2012

The Future’s Bright: Managing Colour Change in Light Sensitive Collections

This two day event will address one of the most pertinent issues in modern collections care: how to assess and manage colour change in light sensitive objects.
At the Nationalmuseum, this issue is exceptionally pressing, due to the upcoming renovation, the reintroduction of daylight, and the need to install new energy saving light sources.
The event will focus on three main areas: accelerated fading techniques (microfading and spectrophotometry) anoxic framing and solid state lighting (SSL).The event will include workshop demonstrations of microfading technology. The event will also address how to manage the risk of light induced colour change whilst increasing access to collections.
The event is organised by the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm and is cosponsored by ICOM-CC Preventive Conservation Working Group

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