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FilenameWP2_1 metals_ICOMmetal.doc
Uploaded onWednesday 18 April 2012
AuthorDr Ineke Joosten Onderzoeker/Conserveringsonderzoek
Publishing year2012

The aim is to compare and exchange information among metal restorers and conservation scientists working on metal on the specific methodology and analytical techniques used during sampling, sample preparation and analysis of materials in cultural heritage objects with the goal to improve them and to exchange knowledge on the most recent advances. This information will be used to formulate a ‘best practice’ proposal for sampling methodology/protocols including both practical and ethical issues. In addition, the information is used to identify areas of challenges and development that metal restorers and scientists are currently investigating, e.g. sample preparation for specific analytical techniques where it is challenging such as EBSD or synchrotron techniques. This information will be used to compile a report on the state of the art on this subject. To get a more complete overview we need your help to inform us on the methods you are using and the interests you have on the subject.

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