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Download Abstract of Janssen & Therry's paper in Thangka Proceedings

FilenameJanssen & Therry abstract-bio-contact.pdf
Uploaded onThursday 14 May 2009
AuthorElsje Janssen and Françoise Therry
EditorMary Ballard and Carole Dignard
Publishing year2009

Abstract of paper: ' A Shatrunjaya ‘Tirtha Pata’: A Monumental Jain Pilgrimage Painting in
the Ethnographic Museum, Antwerp, Belgium' by Elsje Janssen and Françoise Therry.
Published in the Proceedings of the Forum on the Conservation of Thangkas, ICOM-CC Delhi 2009.

(Categories: Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures > Thangka Forum; Paintings > Thangka Forum; Textiles > Thangka Forum)

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