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Apr 2009

Going Green: towards sustainability in conservation

Friday 24 April - Friday 24 April 2009
(Categories: Non ICOM/ICOM-CC)

Going Green: towards sustainability in conservation

A one-day conference on Friday 24 April 2009 at the British Museum on practical approaches towards sustainability in conservation. The four sessions are designed to explore solutions from top to bottom; in studio practice as well as in buildings and environments. Please see the draft programme below for more detail.

After the conference the proceedings will be published online for free download from the British Museum website. Hard-copy proceedings may be available if demand is sufficient; cost will be dependent on demand.

If you wish to contribute, there is an opportunity to submit an abstract for a poster which will be published as a short article in the conference proceedings. Please contact the Going Green organising committee with your title and a brief abstract before 1 March 2009:

To benefit from the reduced ticket price please book before 1 March 2009. For further details and to book your place please visit:

Session 1: The big picture

  • Sarah Staniforth (National Trust, UK), Slow conservation

  • Brian Hayton (Assistant Director of Cultural Services, Bradford City Council, UK), How to save money and achieve sustainability targets in collections

  • Nancy Bell (National Archives, UK) , Title to be confirmed. Jacqueline Ridge (National Galleries of Scotland, UK), Scottish National Portrait Gallery: a project to develop new conservation thinking about environment

Session 2: Buildings and a balanced environment 

  • Morten Rhyl-Svensen, Lars Aasbjerg Jensen, Poul Klenz Larsen (National Museum of Denmark) and Tim Padfield (Freelance consultant, UK), Does a standard temperature need to be constant? 

  • Luis Elias Casanovas (Research Center for Science and Technology in the field of Arts, Portuguese Catholic University, Portugal) and Vasco Freitas (Engineering Faculty, Oporto University, Portugal), The way to sustainability; the balance between outdoor climate and natural indoor climate

  • Guy De Witte (Freelance, UK/Belgium), New Challenges demand new solutions: The integration of sustainable building and functioning of archives as a possible response to Climate Change

  • Natalie Richards, Nicky Grimaldi and Brian Singer (Northumbria University, UK), Finding alternatives to petroleum-based aromatic hydrocarbon solvents for use in conservation; the testing of Limonene, a natural monoterpene solvent


Session 3: Sustainable practice in the workplace

  • Marie Vest (The Royal Library, Denmark), Minimising waste and recycling of materials used in preservation / conservation

  • Julia Barton and Rachel Swift (British Museum, UK), The Big Ban: Preliminary research into finding a non-toxic alternative to Nitromors®

  • Karen Ayers, Ian Gibb, Mika Takami, Kathryn Hallett and Kate Frame (Historic Royal Palaces, UK) , Greener Cleaning of Large Textiles

  • Christina Brooks (Stuart Davies Associates, UK) and Dana Goodburn-Brown (Centre for Sustainable Heritage, UK), A Green Guide to sustainable practices in conservation

Session 4: Green guides to studio practice

  • Dervilla O’Dwyer (National Maritime Museum, UK), Sustainable Display- Can conservation needs, design and sustainability ever be reconciled?

  • Patricia Silence (American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, USA), How Are conservators Going Green in the United States?


  • Emily Deacon (English Heritage, UK) and Nigel Blades (National Trust, UK) , Introducing low energy lighting in National Trust historic interiors

  • Harby E. Ahmed and Fragiskos Kolisis (National Technical University of Athens, Greece) , Practical applications of protease enzyme to remove animal glue in textile conservation

  • Jacinta Boon Nee (Heritage Conservation Centre, National Heritage Board, Singapore), An Alternative 3-in-1 Methodology for Accelerated Corrosion Testing

  • Marie Vest (The Royal Library, Denmark) , Climate requirements for cold storage and energy saving solutions

  • Margarida Lima (New University of Lisbon), S. Sequeira and C. Casanova (Instituto de Investigação Cientifica Tropical), Disinfestation of paper items using solar heat: study of its secondary effects and application under different weather conditions


visit the British Museum web-page under: What's On

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