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Aug 2007

ICOM-CC Conference Session 2007

Sunday 19 August - Saturday 25 August 2007
(Categories: ICOM, ICOM-CC)

Managing a Finite Resource Balancing conservation and Use of Collections ICOM-CC is the largest of the International Committees of ICOM with over 1500 members worldwide from every branch of the museum and conservation profession. ICOM-CC aims to promote the conservation, investigation and analysis of culturally and historically significant works and to further the goals of the conservation profession. ICOM-CC is built up of specialist 22 Working Groups, which actively communicate with their members through newsletters, meetings and at the ICOM-CC Triennial Meeting. The Triennial Meeting brings the membership of ICOM-CC together to report and to review current research. Over 1000 papers have been published in the Meeting Pre-prints in the past twenty years.

During the ICOM General Conference in Vienna ICOM-CC would like to invite interested ICOM members to a special session addressing the following topics:

  • Is it short-term political agendas or the long-term specialist's view that governs what we preserve and how?

  • How do we value and understand the process of preservation compared to the 'value' of the object?

  • What parameters do we utilise when balancing the costs and benefits of conservation both today and in the long term?

  • How do we assess and manage the huge pressures put on objects and conservators to meet the growing demands of visitors, travelling exhibitions and the long term preservation collections?

  • Collections should be used - not consumed?

  • Do the levels of funding for collections care reflect the economic value of those collections to society?

Download the final programme of ICOM-CC Conference Session 2007 (pdf)

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