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Jun 2016

Keep It Moving? Conserving Kinetic Art symposium Milan 2016

Thursday 30 June - Friday 01 July 2016
(Categories: ICOM-CC, Modern Materials and Contemporary Art)

The Modern MAterials and Contemporary Art Working Group's next interim meeting, organized in partnership with the Getty Conservation Institute, the Museo del Novecento and INCCA (hosted by the Cultural Heritage Agency of The Netherlands-RCE):

Keep it moving? Conserving kinetic art

Hosted at the Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy, June 30th and July 1st 2016. 

Kinetic art is art that not only includes movement but often depends on it to produce the desired effect and fully realize its nature as work of art. Kinetic art emerged throughout the 20th century, and had its major developments in the 1950s and 60s. Kinetic works of art include a wide range of motion, from motorized and electrically driven movement to motion as the result of wind, light, or other sources of energy. Much thought is currently given in the field of contemporary art conservation to re-thinking the concept of authenticity and to solving the dichotomy often felt between original materials and functionality of the work of art. The dichotomy is especially acute with kinetic art where a compromise between the two seems impossible: when engine parts stop working, when light bulbs go out, the work will stop functioning if replacement is not performed. What are the options available, and how will they impact the object and our understanding of it? Issues of technological obsolescence, as well as the strong sociological and historical information or meanings often embedded in a given technology and its use by an artist, further complicate matters

This two-days conference will discuss the ethical dilemma and practical challenges of conserving and documenting kinetic works. It will include invited keynotes and paper submissions and. The conference will take place at the Palazzo Reale just before the general ICOM CC meeting. A visit of the rich collection of kinetic works in the Museo del Novecento will be included.

If you would like to give a presentation, abstracts can be submitted until October 15th 2015 to Abstracts should include authors’ name and affiliation as well as contact details, full titles and a 350 words summary. All papers will be delivered in English. We welcome papers dealing with ethical considerations, especially those presenting innovative thinking or drawing from parallels with other fields such as preservation of musical instruments, case studies, updates on research projects, as well as papers focusing on innovative documentation strategies and approaches to conserving kinetic art collections

For more information please contact:

Rachel Rivenc

Lydia Beerkens

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