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CALL–OUT FOR PAPERS: Making Conservation – AICCM National Conference

Thursday 30 May 2019 (Categories: Non ICOM/ICOM-CC)

CALL–OUT FOR PAPERS: Making Conservation – AICCM National Conference 2019, Melbourne, 13–15 November 2019

The AICCM invite you to consider how we make our profession. Broadly divided into three themes – making conservation sustainable, innovative and connected – they want to know what excites you, what challenges you, and what you want to discuss further.

What treatments are inspiring you, what new project have you developed, what plans do you have for the future? Where should conservation be heading, both locally and globally, and how are we going to get there? How are we making conservation now and how can the way we make conservation shape the future?

Abstract submissions close: 1 July 2019

Event details and abstract template:


Join us at the Pavilion at the Arts Centre, Melbourne, 13–15 November 2019 and continue the conversation. The three day conference will include two and a half days of presentations, an afternoon of tours, a panel discussion on conservation education, welcome drinks and an evening soiree.


Each day of the conference will centre around one of the three themes:

Making Conservation Connected

• How are we/should we make conservation inclusive, collaborative, visible, accessible and connected across communities?

Making Conservation Sustainable

• How can the profession grow and develop?

• What do we need from conservation education and what are the challenges or opportunities we are working with?

• How can conservation respond to climate change and how will this affect our work?

Making Conservation Innovation

• What treatments, projects, developments or ideas are exciting and inspiring you, or challenging you to do things differently?

• How can conservation shape the future?

The organising committee welcomes abstracts of 250 words on these three distinct but connected topics. Suggested formats include:

• Papers (20 mins)

• Lightning talks (5 mins)

• Panel discussions (45 mins – 1 hr) 

• Other facilitated discussion, debate, critique, networking or interactive sessions

• Posters

• Short video presentations

• Tours (to be facilitated through the tour afternoon)

 Abstracts/queries to Albertine Hamilton:


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