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2nd International Conference on Art & Archaeology 2016 December 11-14, 2016 Jerusalem, Israel

Monday 07 November 2016 (Categories: Non ICOM/ICOM-CC, Art Technological Source Research, Metals, Murals, Stone and Rock Art, Sculpture, Polychromy and Architectural Decorations, Wood, Furniture and Lacquer)

The main objective of Art&Archaeology2016 is to advance the frontiers of scientific knowledge connected with human cultural heritage. Heritage is our legacy from the past. It is our source for understanding the human mind, its capabilities and potential. Knowledge of the past influences our present day life and what we pass on to future generations.

The Art&Archaeology2016 conference seeks to encourage communication between these disciplines, to provide a survey of present work in the field, and to stimulate discussions.

Do submit an abstract, which may be still considered!


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