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AVICOM Montréal 2012 - International Committee for Audiovisual and New Technologies of Image and Sound

Sunday 29 January 2012 (Categories: ICOM, Documentation)

The BMMD and AVICOM The Board of Montréal Museum Directors (BMMD) is a proud partner in organizing FIAMP. 2012 and the international meeting for AVICOM, ICOM’s International Committee for Audiovisual and New Technologies of Image and Sound.

AVICOM Montréal 2012 The AVICOM Committee’s 2012 Conference will be held in Montreal, Canada from October 9–12, 2012, during the same time as the AVICOM Committee’s annual meeting. The Conference will provide the opportunity to hear presentations from specialists in new sound and image technologies from around the world who work for museums, design educational programs, head art conservation efforts, create content or are interested in mapping the future development of these new technologies. The theme for 2012 is: The Development of New Technologies and the Emergence of New Museology Professions.

FIAMP.2012 The Festival International de l’Audiovisuel & du Multimédia sur le Patrimoine (FIAMP) is an international professional event designed to promote the achievements of museums making use of new image and sound technologies. It is a competition refereed by an international jury of experts that is held in a different country each year in conjunction with the AVICOM committee annual meeting which takes place at its international conference. Bringing together the latest developments in cybermuseology with audiovisual and multimedia projects from all over the world, FIAMP highlights the best achievements in the world of museology.

There will be limited seating to attend the AVICOM Montréal 2012 conference. We will soon be posting a preliminary program and fees. Here are a few links:

1. Find out more about FIAMP.2012:

2. Apply as a speaker for the AVICOM Montréal 2012 conference. See Call for papers. Deadline: March 9, 2012.

3. Enter your works in the FIAMP.2012 competition. Deadline: April 30, 2012.

link to conference site

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