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'Training & Education in Paper Conservation' online meeting

Tuesday 27 April 2010 (Categories: Education and Training in Conservation)

The site for the 'Training & Education in Paper Conservation' online  meeting is now available at the following link (you can also click the active link at the bottom of this page):

You will find the details of each of the conservation programmes by clicking on the relevant in the index. The information on each is provided as follows: • As an overview • In a template that allows information to be gathered quickly and easily • As an update on changes and events during the last two years

The information is not complete for every programme and some programmes are not yet represented. This is not a problem since additions, edits and updates can be incorporated quickly and easily. If anyone would like to provide additional details please send them to me they would be most welcome – the template is attached

You will also find the reports from our previous meetings – please note that there was no meeting in 2009 due to the economic situation forcing cutbacks at many institutions

You will also find a presentation on pedagogy written by Alan White who is a colleague of mine in Academic Registry at Northumbria University. I thought that it might be interesting to consider which of the theories defines the approach taken to the structure of your own programme and why you consider it most appropriate. This discussion will take place by e mail using the distribution list for the group. If you are not yet part of the group but would like to exchange your ideas please do so by sending me your details and I will attach you to the distribution list (  

Training & Education in Paper Conservation online meeting

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