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The ICOM-CC Fund is set up purely for charitable purposes aimed at promoting ICOM-CC and its activities and publicising them within the international conservation community and museums in general, as well as to the public at large throughout the world. The aim of the foundation shall be to raise funds and in consultation with the ICOM-CC Directory Board to use such funds to finance projects in the best interests of ICOM-CC.


ICOM-CC Fund Board (2019-2024)

  • Chair: Sanneke Stigter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Secretary: Annelies van Loon, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Treasurer: Louise Wijnberg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Advisors to the Board, in their capacity as members of the ICOM-CC Directory Board (2014-2017):

  • Chair ICOM-CC Kristiane Straetkvern, Copenhagen, Denmark  
  • Vice-chair ICOM-CC Achal Pandya, New Delhi, India
  • Vice-chair ICOM-CC Renata Peters, London, UK


Sustain the ICOM-CC Fund

Get involved in protecting the worlds’ cultural heritage

Support the ICOM-CC Fund

Gifts from donors enhance quality and build on a long-standing unmatched standard of the ICOM-CC cutting-edge information on conservation issues worldwide.

ICOM-CC is one of the world’s leading international organisations concerned with the preservation and presentation of world’s great cultural treasures. Each year hundreds of millions visit museums where ICOM-CC members care for the collections to discover a full range of human creativity from the world’s civilisations.

Your gift to the ICOM-CC Fund will play a crucial role in the progress and continuing success of ICOM-CC. An integral part of our programs is promoting increased community access and diversity. ICOM-CC wants to advance the future of the preservation of our cultural heritage by achieving the understanding, acceptance and thus the support of the public in the activities it generates.

This can only be done by the promotion of their active participation in the dynamics of conservation efforts. Only then can the public support conservation activities consciously and participate in the preservation of their own heritage.

As one of the finest, non-governmental, truly international institutions of conservation and research in the world, ICOM-CC upholds a standard of excellence of which all lovers of cultural heritage can be proud.
Support to the ICOM-CC Fund is vital to the vitality of numerous energetic initiatives.

Investment in the future – For our common past

A strong ICOM-CC Fund is essential to ICOM-CC’s financial health. Support to the ICOM-CC Fund will allow ICOM-CC to achieve great things - from improving our e-Newsletter distributed to more than 2000 members world wide to offering an expanded web-site for both professional and public information programs. And there is still more work to be done for ICOM-CC and the additional support the ICOM-CC Fund provides is just as important in the coming years.

Donors help make this ongoing conservation work possible on a continuously increasing level. Donors enables the ICOM-CC Fund to inspire and educate through exploration of extraordinary works of art. 

In grateful acknowledgement

The ICOM-CC Fund honours those who contribute profoundly to its mission by offering worldwide visibility of donors via our website. 

To make a contribution to the ICOM-CC Fund simply pay by Paypal by clicking on the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page, or transfer your contribution electronically to:

ABN-AMRO Euro account no:
IBAN no: NL38ABNA0449989666
- or
ABN-AMRO USDollar account no:
IBAN no: NL90ABNA0450173321

BIC (SWIFT-) address: ABNANL2A

Bank address:

Kneuterdijk 8
P.O. Box 165
2501 AP The Hague
The Netherlands

Get Information

E-mail us a request for information about contributing to the ICOM-CC Fund.

Statutes of the Stichting ICOM-CC fund

The statutes are available for download at the download section.


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