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ICOM 25th General Conference Kyoto 2019

Preparations for the Kyoto conference are in full swing. There is already the conference website which provides general information. All major museums of Japan are actively involved in the preparation of the first ever conference of ICOM in Japan. The beautiful city of Kyoto provides a splendid venue. Kyoto is known for its rich tangible and intangible heritage.

Rukuon-ji or Temple of the Golden Pavilion (© Nora Kennedy 2019)

Based on previous conferences records, these meetings attract delegates in the range of 2500-3000 from 141 countries. This is an excellent opportunity for all ICOM members to understand the functioning of ICOM and the depth and breadth of the organization. The sessions and technical excursions allow opportunities for exchanging ideas and broadening perspectives with international committee members on overlapping issues. In addition to the plenary sessions highlighted with keynote speeches on topics pertinent to the field of culture, the strengthening of symbiotic relationships between International Committees and between the 141 National Committees are some of the expected outcomes of the conference. In addition to the rich academic programme of General ICOM Conference over the 5-day conference, Kyoto museums and cultural precincts will host evening receptions, providing the chance to socialize with colleagues from around the world.
ICOM-CC is planning to have Joint Meeting with other international committees of ICOM such as International Committee for Museum Management (INTERCOM) (see below); International Committee for Architecture and Museum Techniques (ICAMT); International Committee for Collecting (COMCOL); International Committee for Museology (ICOFOM); International Committee for Museum Security (ICMS) (see below) on topics such as ethics of conservation, museum storage, preventive conservation, and so on.

A Call for Papers for the ICOM-CC/ICOFOM Joint Session can be found here. The deadline for Declaration of Intent is 15 February 2019.

In addition, ICOM-CC is planning some interesting off-site meetings, and technical excursions in Kyoto and Nara. For those interested in conservation issues, possible excursions may include: the Center for Cultural Properties in Kyoto National Museum Conservation Laboratory (where many of the objects destroyed by the 2011 Tsunami was conserved), The Kyoto City Heritage Buildings Conservation Technology Training Center, and the Tofuku-ji Temple restoration tour. Organizers have planned a number of post-conference tours to choose from.

Still in the planning stages, ICOM-CC is putting together a visit to Sendai to see the conservation work post-Tsunami completed on the affected infrastructure and cultural heritage of Japan. Sendai was the worst affected city during the 2011 Tsunami due to its proximity to the sea. Japanese conservators and heritage experts have completed some exemplary conservation and restoration work which can be viewed and appreciated during this tour.

This tour will be post-conference running from 8-11 September 2019, and once the full itinerary has been  finalised, we will announce sign-up on this website.

Prepare to meet with professionals and experts from around the world and to hear talks of compelling interest! Do not forget to grab your sushi and sashimi, and to attend a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in Kyoto. Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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