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Share your favorite moment with ICOM-CC in the last 50 years.


Steen Bjarnhof, Alan Phenix, Mikkel Scharff - discussing conservation at the turn of the century? 


You are part of ICOM-CC history!

The 'My Moment' page is dedicated to sharing all those great memories (people, places, presentations) you have captured in an image.
Your images (just like your memories) are not restricted to the 'official' past such as interim or triennial conference presentations - but also shots of group networking, social functions and comradeship!
Please provide in your caption for the image the who, what, where of the memory - along with your name!

You will be asked to upload a jpeg or png image (max 2MB) and insert your name, e-mail and an identification text for your image(s).
Your name and posting date and the identification text will be visible to the public (not your e-mail).

Once you have uploaded your image - if you need assistance - or want it removed, please contact:

UPLOAD NOW !! ...and see what other 'moments' have been posted on the page!




By uploading an image, you warrant that you have taken or made the image and/or have the rights/permission to use it, and you confer use to ICOM-CC.


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