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The Preprints from the 17th and the 16th Conferences in Melbourne 2014 and in Lisbon 2011 are now published online. The 18th Copenhagen Preprints will be available beginning in January 2018.

This initial set of publications is in conjunction with the celebration of COM-CC's 50th anniversary and the 18th Triennial Conference in Copenhagen 2017.

Open access to ICOM-CC publications is a part of ICOM-CC’s strategy of promoting the conservation profession.

Ever since the first ICOM-CC Meeting in 1967, ICOM-CC has published the Preprints from its Triennial Conferences. Most of the hardcopy volumes and CDs, not to mention old ring binder editions, are no longer available for purchase.

In 2015, ICOM-CC and the Getty Conservation Institute (GCI), a sustaining partner of ICOM-CC, agreed to work together to ensure that the Preprints from all past conferences could be made available online. With the kind support of GCI and the collaboration of the Getty Research Institute (GRI) many of the past ICOM-CC Preprints have been digitised.

Before Preprints can be uploaded to the online portal, permissions must be obtained from the publishing houses involved with the volumes. Additionally, in order to present the Preprints as separate, searchable contributions, all authors need to provide digitisation and open access permission. Locating authors and collecting permissions requires help and collaboration from our members. An author  permission form is available from the ICOM-CC website. Completed forms (link to Download Permission Form page) should be sent to

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